The Real Food Challenge (RFC) is both a campaign and network of individuals working together to advance the procurement of sustainable food at colleges and universities nationwide. The campaign’s goal is to increase real food purchases (as defined by RFC’s criteria) by 20% by the year 2020. The network represents students and their allies working on the campaign to grow the real food movement.

The Real Food Challenge defines “real food” as “food which truly nourishes producers, consumers, communities and the earth. It is a food system--from seed to plate--that fundamentally respects human dignity and health, animal welfare, social justice and environmental sustainability.”

Real food is separated into four main areas in which the Real Food Calculator tracks purchasing. 

  • Local or community based
  • Fair 
  • Ecologically sound
  • Humane 

The Evergreen State College has signed the Real Food Challenge Commitment to be at 28% real food purchasing by 2020. At 26% of food purchases meeting the Real Food Challenge criteria, The Evergreen State College has one of the highest percentages in the country! Campus Dining will continue to work with the college to help reach their commitment goals. 

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