Managing Food Allergies


Evergreen Dining serves over 600 students on meal plans. We provide a wide range of fresh foods, including food made without gluten, vegan, and vegetarian options. We know our customers have special dietary needs, ranging from religious restrictions to food allergies and intolerance. Ensuring that all our customers can be confident in finding a safe place to eat while also getting the support and nutrition they need is important to us.

Meet with the Food Service Director to discuss your options:
The first step for students who require a specialized diet is to meet our Food Service Director David Krisell. He is knowledgeable about the many options available and will discuss food choices and is happy to work with students to design a menu that will work with their needs. Individualized and prepackaged meals are also an option that can be discussed.

Food Service Director:

David Krisell

The next step is to become familiar with the menu at The Greenery. The Greenery offers a Gluten Solutions station that is dedicated during breakfast, lunch, and dinner to serve menu items that are made without gluten. 

While the Gluten Solutions station is open for all students to enjoy, it was created for students with allergies and intolerances in mind. With this station, there is another option provided for students to grab a meal if it fits their dietary requirements.

The final step is to be the leader of your own health. We are here to work alongside you, keeping you fed, full, and happy at The Evergreen State College. Students are always welcome to come talk with our team. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

All Evergreen Dining employees have received a comprehensive Food Safety training and all managers have their ServSafe Food Handlers certificate. We continuously execute trainings in pursuit of continuous improvement. In addition, these trainings help ensure that all food safety policies and requirements are being executed to the fullest extent.

We also welcome feedback from current students and parents so that we can improve the program for all students.

  • David Krisell, Food Service Director,  fooddircr@evergreenedu