Dining on campus isn’t one size fits all. Our meal plans were designed to meet your unique needs. If you are looking to enjoy a meal with friends or just a snack on the go – we’ve got a plan to fit every appetite.

If you will be living in the Residence Halls without personal kitchens (buildings A, B, C, and D), you are required to purchase a meal plan. You will be prompted to select a plan when you fill out the Housing application online and reserve your room.

New students are required to purchase at least a $1319/Fall quarter ($1216 in the shorter winter and spring quarters) Weekly 10 meal plan that covers most meals on campus. Other larger plans are also available to select when you apply for campus housing.

Visit our Meal Plans 101 page!

Returning residents (Evergreen students who choose to live in the Residence Halls instead of the Apartments after their first year living on campus) are required to purchase at least a RAD Rewards meal plan that provides about 4-5 meals a week in the Greenery and a little over $10 per week in Dining Bucks (DB). Returning residents can also purchase a larger meal plan if they choose.

Purchasing a meal plan gives you a discount over paying cash prices at the door. Meal plans will be billed to your student account.

We’ve kept what’s most important to you in mind, building in the convenience, flexibility, quality, value and healthy options you deserve. Explore our meal plan options to learn more about what would be the best fit for you.

Need help with your meal plan?

Arlene G. Colerick - Office Administrator
Greenery Business Office, CAB 129

(360) 867-5018