1. How do I get food from The Greenery? Is it safe?

The Greenery will offer a combination of self-serve and served dishes during winter quarter of 2023 with in-person sit-down dining. 
We have made several changes to provide a safe space to dine in; including tables 6 ft apart and frequent sanitizing.  

We will have our food stations open with different options to choose from each day at most stations. To see what is being offered you can check out the dining menu. The Greenery follows local and College health and safety precautions, including wearing masks when indicated.

2. Is there an alternative so I can dine outside The Greenery dining hall?

Yes, for an additional charge payable by credit card or dining bucks you can get a disposable take-out box every time you dine outside.

For less landfill waste we have a safe and sustainable program called Make The Swap. 

a. Use credit card or Dining Bucks for the program fee ($6).  You receive a green carabiner key chain. 
b. Just swap the carabiner at the register for freshly washed and sanitized containers to pack your Greenery menu selections and take them with you. 
c. Bring the used containers to your next meal, place them in the bin at the cashier and receive a new carabiner. 
d. Just swap the carabiner for containers at the register the next time you want to dine out and repeat every quarter. 

3. Will there be a way to get food if I or my roommate gets sick and can’t get to the dining locations? 

Yes. Find out more details about our Sick Meal Pick Up plan. If you are sick or exposed to serious infection you may request meals through the Quarantine Meal form available on the college's housing and dining page.


4. I can't buy a meal plan online because it says my ID number can't be found. Help?

Make sure you to enter the A number starting with the leading zeros, not the letter A. If you're still having trouble, especially if you have not purchased a meal plan from us before, contact us.