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Meal plans are convenient, flexible, and loaded with options. Your meal plan includes dining locations all across campus with a range of menus and offerings. You’ll get guaranteed value, whether you eat on campus three times a week or three times a day! We’ve got you covered. See our Meal Plan options below for more information.

  •  All First Year Students with 40 credits or less living in Residential and Dining Services are required to choose one of the On Campus plans. You will make your selection via the Meal Plan Contract that will be sent to you by Residential and Dining Services.
  • Residential Students with more than 40 credits, may choose any of the On Campus plans (RAD Reward plan is a restricted plan, check to see if you qualify below) and have the expense billed to their student account after they sign the Meal Plan Contract. The second option is to choose an Off Campus plan and pay with cash or a credit card.
  • The RAD Reward plan can only be selected by students living in the RAD apartments who have fulfilled a full year housing contract during one of the prior two years.

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Unlimited Meals + 150 DB


Purchase unlimited access to our residential dining hall, The Greenery, and enjoy 150 dining bucks redeemable at all campus dining locations.

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